2014 Biking Season

Started my 2014 bike ride with my 2012 Trek Madone 3.1 Apex. It’s a great bike and it has a carbon fibre frame.



  • Apr 13: North Shore Cyclists: Topsfield Plaza start – Rainy day and happened to start with short 20miles. Forgot my full gloves which gave me lot of paid at the end of the race after soaked in rain whole ride! But I felt better

Collatz Conjecture

Mitran & myself watched this movie “Contact” recently and we got inspired on SETI project. When we got into sharing our computers to run those applications to find something new to fields, we decided to pick one from Mathematics.

What is Collatz Conjecture ?

Take any natural number n. If n is even, divide it by 2 to get n / 2. If n is odd, multiply it by 3 and add 1 to obtain 3n + 1. Repeat the process (which has been called “Half Or Triple Plus One”, or HOTPO) indefinitely. The conjecture is that no matter what number you start with, you shall always eventually reach 1. The property has also been called oneness. (wikipedia)

This is good enough for me to get started on proving that there is a number which has this infinite loop not ending with 1! I did that for couple of days and my results are like this:

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 9.06.20 AM

Mitran’s understanding of this math:


I joined BOINC project couple of weeks ago and starting running this project. Then I tried to find out where it stands after so many days. It’s a private project and I don’t think it’s just there because it’s just there. There is no specific goals or any mathematics value for this. There is no real world application which is waiting to be used. There I decided to stop my crazy computers crunching numbers to find the first number for the conjecture.

How to live longer?

Damn, people always believe in this shit. I was reading this book about Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity”. They were talking primarily the concept of non-absolute things. Absolute space was not true. Because, everything in the world is moving. Earth is circling around Sun as well as spins itself. The entire solar system is part of Milky Way. You know that it’s faster than something we wanted to know. That means, if you are getting a piece of land from a real estate broker, he cheated you with illusion that it’s the place you own. I don’t think it’s true to find the exact location in this world because there is no still point of reference.

The second thing is about time. For example, if you are looking at a moving train which has a light clock. Hold on a sec. I don’t think i will make this easy with the book example. But the idea is that if you travel fast enough (close to the speed of light – 299,782,458 meters/sec), the person who is not traveling will age faster than you. Otherwise, your clock will be slower than his clock. His 1 day will be different from your 1 day.

The only thing which goes close to 99.94% of light speed is muons in CERN labs. When the particle travelled 99.94% of the speed of light, it’s life was 28 times longer than the particle which was at stationary. The picture i tried to draw and understand the book example may help if you are interested.

Read “Why Does E=mc2″ by Brian Cox & Jeff Forshaw.